Where do I fit in?

While the association has formed and established some initial goals, leadership, and direction, there’s much input needed, and many jobs and positions to fill. Please contact us to get involved – we’ll find a way you can help that suits your time and skills!

Since mid-late 2016, here’s the progress that has already been made towards initial goals to establish the association:

  • Informal Assessment – COMPLETE
  • Host For Meetings – COMPLETE
  • Boundaries for Neighborhood – COMPLETE
  • General Community Invitation For Participation – COMPLETE
  • First Meeting to Organize Interest – COMPLETE
  • Resident Survey – COMPLETE
  • Mailing List & Initial Meeting Follow Up – COMPLETE
  • The naming of association – COMPLETE
  • Register Formally with Town of Irondequoit – COMPLETE


Future Considerations for the organization:

  • Ongoing Communication
  • Literature Drops to Residents on Association Progress & Plans
  • Welcome Baskets for New Neighbors