The NoLA Neighborhood Association was organized in July of 2016 with generous assistance from the Town of Irondequoit Building and Development Department.

The North of Long Acre Neighborhood comprises the houses bound by Scholfield Road to the North, Oak Lane and South Lawn Elementary School to the East, Long Acre Road to the South, and St. Paul Boulevard to the West.

One of the many “streetcar” neighborhoods built along St. Paul Boulevard during the 1920s. The NoLA Neighborhood is comprised of land formerly part of early Irondequoit denizen Hosea Rogers’ expansive fruit farm. The neighborhood is distinctly urban with its dense lots filled with a mix of 1920s and 1950s era homes, plentiful street trees and surprising walkability. Residents enjoy the convenience of several bus lines, the Cooper-Titus-Hudson Commercial District, Frederick Law Olmsted designed Seneca Park, and neighborhood staple restaurant, Atlas Eats, being all within a few blocks walk.